#0001- Reel E Good Winder
Fishing line winder any fisherman can use. Anytime. Anywhere.
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#0002 - Storage Spools: 3 spools per pack
3 spools per pack. Organize your lines. For use with #0001 Winder crank...
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#0005 - Large Spool Attachment
Mount larger bulk spools. REQUIRED for attaching the #0006 LINE COUNTER.
#0006 - Line Counter
(Requires #0005 Large Spool Attachment) Measure off or on in feet. No more...
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#0007 - Large Spool - (Fits #0005 Large Spool Attachment Crank)
Large capacity keyway driven 2 piece spool.
#0008 - Fly Reel Loader
Takes the work out of cleaning, treating and reloading fly lines.
#0009 - Double Wide Storage Spool - (Fits #0001 Winder Crank)
Welded one piece storage spool, twice the capacity of standard storage spool.
#0010 - Large Arbor Fly Reel Loader
Power load line and backing onto large arbor type fly reels.